Add some predictability to your revenue

Make your earnings last — let the cash flow year-round.

There are elements of the real estate industry that are very unpredictable. However, as an agent, you know maximum earnings happen in the six-month season beginning each spring. During that time, agents can expect to earn an average of 70% of their living.

How do you stretch out your peak income to cover monthly expenses for the whole year? CB4C is here to help with our Steady Income Program (SIP).

SIP allows you to take financial control of your future by providing a steady stream of revenue each and every month. The sign up process is similar to our Instant Cash Flow Program, but instead of receiving your commission in one lump sum, CB4C delivers cash to you on a scheduled basis throughout the year. SIP adds predictability to your cash flow so you can better manage bills, mortgage, rent, payments, etc. Our tech-enhanced, streamlined and pain-free approach enables agents to apply in minutes with same-day approvals.*

*If application and supporting documents are received before 3 pm EST