Providing cash flow solutions you need, when you need it.


CB4C allows you to take financial control of your future by providing solutions that keep your cash flow consistent and protect your credit based on pending real estate deals scheduled to close within 60 days.

Real Time Payments®

RTP® from The Clearing House is a real-time payments platform that all federally insured U.S. depository institutions are eligible to use for payments innovation. With mobile technology and digital commerce driving the need for safer and faster payments in the U.S., financial institutions of all sizes are taking advantage of the RTP network’s capabilities and CB4C has deployed RTP since its inception. To check if your bank accepts RTP, please the button below.


Our cash flow solutions are custom-built for superior underwriting capabilities and are strategically tailored for real estate professionals. Our proprietary technology platform, HUB™, seamlessly merges with our dedicated and fully integrated Customer Care Center and offers a tech-enhanced, streamlined and pain-free approach to providing you your funds.

The application process is fast and confidential, with no credit check required.

The application process is fast and confidential, with no credit check required.

We are dedicated to helping you grow your real-estate business by providing solutions to your cash flow challenges today.

Same-Day Funding

Dedicated Customer Care Center

Discrete and Confidential

No Credit Checks

Clear Pricing Model

Simple Online Application

CB4C is always available to help.

Call +1 (855) 426-6647 for questions about the process.

Broker a deal
for your agents.

CB4C caters to managing brokers. CB4C partners with your brokerage to deliver a personalized experience to all of your agents by streamlining the onboarding process and offering a fully integrated customer care center. Our service allows your agents to have immediate access to cash well in advance of their scheduled closing.